Privacy Policy

  • We of the Your Word (TP), we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. The purpose of this document is to clarify what information is collected from users of our sites below, and their services - ("You") and how such information is manipulated and used.

    To offer our services, TP, through its website, the equipment where it is installed or being used and the devices synchronized with it, collects various data and information, mainly to provide a better experience for you. TP recognizes that your privacy is very important, so we take every possible step to protect it. In this sense, this Privacy Policy ("Policy") aims to inform you how your information and data will be collected, used, shared and stored through our sites.

    This document is an integral part of our Term of Use, which contains an overview of our platform.

    This document has been written in a simple and accessible way, so that you can read and understand how we use your data to offer you a safe and comfortable experience in using the services we offer you.

    Acceptance of our Policy will be made when you register on our platform to enjoy our services, even for free. This will indicate that you are aware and in total agreement with how we will use your information and data.

    If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not continue your registration procedure and do not use our services. However, please inform us of your disagreement so that we can improve them.

    This Policy is divided as follows to facilitate its understanding:

    1. About data collection

    2. About the use of your personal data

    3. About access to your personal data

    4. About sharing data

    5. About the cancellation of the signature and change/exclusion of personal information

    6. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    7. Governing Law

    Any questions regarding our privacy policy can be clarified by contacting us.

    Send us a message by the form, click here.

    We are hosted on servers in the United States of America and elsewhere in the world for redundancy generation and access stability.

    1. About data collection

    Information provided by you - We collect personally identifiable information - such as name, phone, and email - via filling out the forms for access to our free content and services. Users will never be asked for information via email or phone or SMS.

    Site navigation information - When you visit our site, a cookie is placed on your browser through the Google Analytics software to identify how many times you return to our address. Information such as IP address, geographic location, reference source, type of browser, duration of the visit and pages visited are collected.

    Contact History - Here at TP we store information regarding all contacts already made with our users, such as content used or downloaded from our pages and interactions via e-mail.

    Data generated in the use of our services - If you use any of our services, we will collect further information from you and the people who visit the sites that you register on our platforms. In this case, we will collect contact information such as your name and email, location data such as country, city and state where access is occurring and information about your browser.

    Facebook Data - By using your Facebook account to integrate with our services, we may collect all data that is made available by Facebook to our system, such as information about your ads, how many clicks they have received, information about visitors to your websites that available on this platform, among others.

    2. About the use of your personal data

    All the data we collect is used to provide our services, and it is easy to remember, we value your privacy very much. Therefore, all data and information about you are treated as confidential, and we will only use them for the purposes described and authorized by you, mainly so that you can use our services fully, always aiming to improve your experience as a user. In this way, we will be able to customize the service so that it adapts more and more to your tastes and interests.

    In order to provide our services, we will cross-track the data we collect with others that we have on the same owner in our databases, including the data of the visitors of the sites that you register on our platforms. In particular, we will use the data to monitor visitors' actions on the pages you register, to create profiles of those people based on your behavior data, and to check what your interests are, to rank and qualify those people according to that profile, and to create dynamic lists of these people to perform targeted marketing actions, which are performed automatically according to the ranking of your site visitors.

    privacy.Eventualmente, poderemos utilizar dados para finalidades não previstas nesta política de privacidade, mas estas estarão dentro das suas legítimas expectativas. O eventual uso dos seus dados para finalidades que não cumpram com essa prerrogativa será feito mediante sua autorização prévia.

    In addition to the above, we will use your data for the following purposes:

    Your e-mail is used for the operation of sending the material or information you requested in completing the form. It can also be used to send Newsletters, always related to the Digital Marketing theme. The e-mail will still be used to communicate the launch of new free materials or new products from TP and partners. However, the user may cancel the subscription at any time;

    The download data may be disclosed as research and statistics, and no personal information is disclosed openly unless explicitly authorized;

    TP employees will not make contact via email or phone or SMS to do research or present products and services;

    Send you messages about support or service, such as alerts, notifications, and updates;

    Contact us about products, services, promotions, news, updates, events and other matters that you may be interested in;

    Perform targeted advertising according to your tastes, interests and other information collected;

    Customize the service so that it adapts more and more to your tastes and interests;

    For any purpose you authorize at the time of data collection;

    Comply with legal obligations.

    TP reserves the right to monitor the entire platform, primarily to ensure that the rules outlined in our Terms of Use are being observed, or if there is no violation or abuse of applicable laws. Therefore, TP reserves the right to exclude certain users, regardless of their type, if this Policy is not respected.

    3. About access to your personal data

    Your personal information may only be seen by TP employees, and only those with appropriate authorizations may view them. No personal data may be disclosed publicly.

    All your data is confidential and any use of it will be in accordance with this Policy. TP will make reasonable efforts to ensure the security of our systems and data. Our servers are located in different locations around the world to ensure their stability and security, and can only be accessed through previously authorized communication channels.

    Only the access password will be encrypted. At any time you may request a copy of your data stored on our systems. We will keep the data and information only as long as it is necessary or relevant for the purposes described in this Policy, or in the case of periods pre-determined by law, or until such time as is necessary to maintain the legitimate interests of TP.

    TP considers your privacy to be extremely important and will do everything in its power to protect it. However, we can not guarantee completeness that all data and information about you in our platform will be free of unauthorized access, especially if there is an undue sharing of the credentials necessary to access our platform. Therefore, you are solely responsible for keeping your access password in a safe place and it is prohibited to share it with third parties. You agree to notify TP immediately, by insurance, of any unauthorized use of your account, as well as unauthorized access by third parties to it.

    4. About sharing data

    By clicking on the content sharing buttons on the social networks available on our pages, the user will be publishing the content through their profile on the selected network. TP does not have access to users' login and password on those networks, nor will it publish content on behalf of the user without it performing this action.

    As an online platform, TP will be able to operate jointly with other companies in a wide range of activities, including to provide location features, advertisers, sponsors and business partners, online and offline, as well as dissemination and performance analysis tools. In this way, we reserve the right to share your information, including location, registration and interest data, with our partners, advertisers and service providers, whenever possible, anonymously, in order to preserve your privacy. Through this document, you expressly authorize such shares.

    TP allows other companies and ad networks to advertise on our platform through different technologies. Therefore, you may eventually receive directly ads, content and links displayed in a personalized way, according to your interests and behaviors in our platform or in other services with which you interact. To do so, data can be shared between TP and these other companies, especially unique identifiers, IP addresses, cookies, and java scripts, which can be used to measure the effectiveness of online advertising. Through this document, you expressly authorize such shares.

    However, TP is not responsible for the acts, advertisements and content generated by our business partners and ad networks, and this Policy does not apply to them, as TP does not control them.

    All data, information and content about you may be considered active in the case of negotiations in which TP is a party. Therefore, we reserve the right to include your data among the assets of the company if it is to be sold, acquired or merged with another. By means of this Policy you agree and are aware of this possibility.

    TP reserves the right to provide your information and information about you, including your interactions, if it is required by law to do so, the act necessary for the company to comply with national laws, or if you expressly authorize it.

    5. About the cancellation of the signature and change/exclusion of personal information

    You can choose not to receive any further type of email from TP.

    In all the emails that we send there is always a link to cancel the signature available in the last lines. By clicking this link you will automatically be unsubscribed from the list, if you have previously signed them.

    It is important to mention that when filling in any form again it will be characterized the reinsertion of your email to the list. Therefore, the cancellation request must be made again if it is of interest to you.

    All data collected will be deleted from our servers when you request them or when they are no longer necessary or relevant to offer you our services, unless there is any other reason for their maintenance, such as a legal obligation to retain data or need preservation of these for the protection of TP rights. To change your personal information or delete it from our database, simply send a message to us by the form, click here.

    6. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy may be subject to updates. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically visit this page so that you are aware of the changes. If any relevant changes are made to your new permissions, we will publish a new privacy policy.

    Before using information for purposes other than those defined in this Privacy Policy, we will ask for your authorization.

    7. Governing Law

    This document is governed by and is to be construed in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil. The Forum of the District of São Paulo, São Paulo, is hereby elected as the competent authority to resolve any questions arising from this document, expressly renouncing any other, however privileged it may be.